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Absence Reporting


  Phone Absence Reporting


then Press "1" for Attendance

Be sure to include the following information:

Student’s Name


Date(s) absent

Reason for the absence (see below)

Your name and relationship to the student


    Justified Absences that need a verified  explanation after the fact:

1.  Student illness (functionally incapacitated for physical, mental or emotional reasons).

2.  Quarantine directed by a county or city health officer.

3.  Medical, dental, optometrical or chiropractic appointments relating to physical needs. (Counseling with a licensed physician or for the purpose of curing or preventing a mental or emtional illness of injury) Casbo 96

4.  Attending a funeral for a member of the immediate family. **(one day in California and three days if out of California)

5.  Bereavement (functionally incapacitated) for as many days as required if relative lived in the same home.  Ed. code 45194 CAC Title 5, Sec. 420 Record as illness

6.  Jury duty.

7. Exclusion for failure to meet immunization requirements (five day limit).  Please check with District attendance clerk before using.

8.  Absence due to the illness or medical appointment of a student's child if the student is the custodial parent (SB2706) 1990.

Justified absences that must be requested in writing and approved by the principal prior to the absence.

1. Court appearance.

2. Job Interview.

3. Religious holiday or attendance at a religious retreat not to exceed 4 hours per semester.

4. Appearance at a SARB meeting.

5. Attendance at a funeral of non-immediate family or friends.

6. Immigration Hearing.

7. Other exceptional circumstances approved by the principal or designee.

8.  Participating in an event on another SVUSD school campus (not a field trip).

Unexcused Absences

1.  Truancy.

2.  Personal reasons (i.e. needed at home, overslept, babysitting, etc.).

3.  Suspension or administratively denied instructional activity.

4.  Detention in Juvenile Hall.

5.  Working.

6.  Parent states "please excuse" only (a reason must be stated to determine justified or unexcused).

7.  Family vacation.

8.  Students excluded for lack of immunization if disease present at school.

9.  Take Your Child to Work Day.


Email Your Student's Absence

Click on the email below